5 Unknown Facts About Dirty Carpets

Hola folks! We all know the importance of having carpets in our home and workplace. Carpets definitely improve the aesthetic beauty of the place, but there are some unknown facts about dirty carpets that you must know. According to carpet cleaning experts in Newtown, it is important to take timely carpet cleaning services. Also, it’s important to keep your carpet clean for many reasons. The beauty of your place, health, and hygiene are some of the major reasons.

Let’s check out some essential facts about dirty carpets which you probably didn’t know.

1. Carpets Entice greasy Residue and Dirt

It is possible that your carpet has to face everyday oily residue and dirt, which may come from outside and generally dries onto your carpet. This greasy residue and dirt can change the colour of your carpet, making it look dull permanently.

2. Carpets May Contain Many Germs Responsible For Making You ill

Your carpet can attract air pollutants, including pollens, bacteria, fungi, pet dander, cigarette smoke, etc. It not only sounds terrible but also does harm your health. Therefore, you need professional assistance to remove these trapped pollutants.

3. Dirty Carpet Is Not a Good Idea For Asthma, Eczema, and Rhinitis Patients

A dirty carpet can trigger asthma and rhinitis attacks. However, most people are not able to find out the major cause of this problem. Nobody thinks that the problem can lie right under their feet. Therefore, people who have eczema or any other environmental allergy should take carpet cleaning seriously.

4. The Norovirus

You may not be aware of this deadly virus but let us tell you how much danger it poses. This virus is also known by the name Norwalk virus, and its symptoms are similar to stomach flu or food poisoning. This virus can survive for up to 6 weeks, hidden inside your carpet, and becomes born when people walk on it.

5. Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

The carpet gives a great look to the floor. It is the perfect home decor every home should have. However, if you are not taking care of its cleanliness, it can become a hot spot for germs. Something which is important to know is that it can be dirtier than your toilet seat. So imagine how unhygienic your place can be? Timely Carpet Cleaning Newtown from professionals is therefore mandatory.


Now when you are aware of all the hidden facts regarding your carpets, ensure you go for timely carpet cleaning services. It will enhance the beauty of your place and protect you from unnecessary health diseases.

How to Rejuvenate Your carpet with Newtown Carpet Cleaning

Whether it’s our office or home, everyone wants to keep their surroundings clean and safe. In this time of the pandemic, where cleanliness and hygiene have become the utmost importance. So, always keep clean and disinfect your high-touch areas. But some areas are difficult to clean, which include floor corners, carpets, window blinds, etc. Among them, you spend major investments on the carpets to make a good impression in front of the guests. So, book services at Newtown Carpet Cleaning and maintain your good image.

Although floor carpet adds beauty to your living/working space. But they easily get dirty with dust and germs that creep into your place with footsteps. If you do not clean them with care, then they can be easily damaged. As the carpets are made up of delicate fabrics. Even vacuum cleaners cannot remove dirt from the deep fibers of carpets. Therefore, it recommends that you hire local carpet cleaning in Newtown. As they offer the best and professional carpet cleaning at affordable costs.

Benefits of choosing our Local Carpet Cleaners in Newtown

Newtown Carpet Cleaning provides cleaning services to all types of commercial and domestic clients. Our trained experts have complete knowledge about different types of textiles and chemicals. Furthermore, we own equipment for hard stain removals from carpets, which cannot be removed gently at home. Our technicians use eco-friendly products to disinfect your carpets. Our professionals assure you to rejuvenate your carpet beautifully quickly at the best price. Besides this, our customers lead hectic lives so that our cleaners fit in with their schedules.

If you want to avail of our services, you can book our services online. For emergencies, you can avail of our dry carpet cleaning services. A combination of years of experience helps us to serve 100% satisfaction to our clients. Apart from it, you can see a sample service of our professionals before booking us for full service

Shine Your Home With Carpet Cleaning Services in Newtown

Your home is a place where you relax and feel comfortable. Nobody likes germs and bacteria in their home. Because these germs and bacteria can harm the happiness of the family. To protect your happiness and your family members. We, at Carpet Cleaning in Newtown, are here to help you. Our company has a team of experts who give local Newtown carpet cleaning services as soon as possible. Thus, our customers will get rid of all dust from their carpets. We know that dusty carpet not only creates disease but also creates a negative image in front of the guest. The dusty carpet looks dull and old. Therefore, we have come up with emergency Carpet cleaning services in Newtown.

Our technician is familiar with different types of carpet cleaning methods. We use the method according to the quality and fabric of your carpet. Don’t worry our experts will always guide you best because they are well-experienced and talented.

Reasons to Book Carpet Cleaning Services

There is a lot of reason for choosing our company:

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  • You don’t need to take any stress about the equipment and detergent for cleaning your carpet. As our professional, visit your home in proper uniform with all types of tools and it is required for cleaning your carpet.

So, why are you waiting to call us? Book your appointment for Carpet cleaning services in the Newtown area. We assure you that our experts always satisfy you. And make you feel good about our services.